5 Helpful Tips for Creating Content for Instagram

Put your business in the spotlight with Instagram. With over one million monthly users and 500 billion daily users, it is a platform ideal for marketing. In fact, 80% of marketers consider Instagram to be an important part of their marketing strategy.

Creating content for Instagram is easy, and our helpful tips will help you quickly create business promotions that grab audience attention.

Creating Content for Instagram

Creating content that sparks the interest of your audience is key to gathering followers.

1. Select Photos Carefully

When selecting pictures to post, make sure they fit the brand image you want to promote and are appropriate for your audience. You can select from millions of images on stock photo sites.

You should also mix up your posting formats so posts do not all look the same. Try using a single photo, a photo carousel, or a 60-second video for variety. 

2. Publish More Video Content

Video attracts attention and is popular in all social media platforms. There are a large number of apps that can help you edit and produce your videos.  A quick sixty-second video is a great way to share a short glimpse of your company, a product, or give a quick tip.

3. Tell a Story

Instagram stories are popular with viewers. These time-sensitive, quick-content blasts are only live for 24 hours but can be saved and reused later.

A viewer clicks your photo at the top of the window to see your story. This is an easy way to provide the content you want to share for a limited time.

4. Regrams Show Audience Appreciation

A regram is a way to share content without having to put in a lot of work. Let your audience know that if you repost their photo you will tag them in the post.

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Regrams provide content for you and increase readership. Both the original poster and the person who regrams benefits from increased views.

5. Product Teasers

A product teaser is an advertisement that isn’t pushy. It is a laid-back tease using a discount or product image that casually draws in the viewer. If you tease people with products they are interested in without pushy selling, they are more likely to buy or share with a friend.  

Increase Response and Followers

Creating fabulous content won’t draw in buyers. You need to include a call to action where you engage your reader by drawing them to your website, encourage sharing, or ask questions.  

To create even more visibility, you can use tools to gain free Instagram followers that help you obtain the highest social media rankings. Having a large number of followers improves your business image and attracts even more clients to your page.

Instagram is Fun and Engaging

As you become familiar with the format, you will find that creating content for Instagram is an easy way to engage with your audience and grow your business. 

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